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One of the most important software applications of business process management is innovis' BizSmart™ workflow automation system. BizSmart™ is an industry leading suite of business process management, targeted at helping users within an organisation clearly define the flow of tasks and operations under rules. BizSmart™ bpm sofware can also describe roles, employees and resources needed for the implementation of workflow automation.

A business process workflow is defined as a set of activities, which follow a logical pattern of execution so that a specific result can be obtained. This result can be a product or a service. More specifically BizSmart™ bpm software:

  • Is a product for Intranet / Internet use, with the ability of wireless operation, with clients on a large number of devices (PC, Pocket PC, WAP device).
  • Can be used on any enterprise (medium or large) that needs to describe, analyse and monitor its operations, be they fulfilled by its own personnel or co-operators, partners or customers. Ideal for business process modelling.
  • Allows the real-time monitoring of the status of a business process workflow.
  • Allows the integration with existing applications.
  • Automatically creates and maintains a task list for each employee of co-operating partner.
  • Empowers each user to execute his/her tasks using all the necessary resources (databases, applications, hardware) supplied by the organisation.
  • Allows task re-allocation according to the workload of each user.
  • Informs each user for the tasks he/she is responsible for, from beginning to end.

BizSmart™ bpm software, with the use of clear and simple rules of its Designer, depicts all operations in a step-by-step manner (business process modelling), which then integrates in its operational Engine. It allows thus for a far more precise and productive, electronic, monitoring of a business process workflow.

The BizSmart™ operational Engine takes over after the business process modelling is finalised. The Engine makes sure that business process workflows:

  • Start at the right time
  • Have all the steps executed without margins for mistakes
  • Are under a continuous supervision for their development
  • Provide continuous information to the manager assigned to them.

BizSmart™ workflow management system architecture. BizSmart™ is a leading suite in the area of business process management 

BizSmart™ bpm software incorporates all benefits of business process management and business process modelling:

  • Better definition of responsibilities for all personnel involved
  • More effective use of human resources
  • Faster response to customer requests
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Smoother operation
  • Effective control
  • Results of better quality
  • More profitable operations

The product of many years of experience in the field of business process management, BizSmart™ bpm software can function as the basic operational tool for the modern enterprise. BizSmart™ bpm software incorporates innovis’ corporate know-how in workflow automation, as well as the ability to integrate development and the change it implies for the organization of an enterprise in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment.


Download BizSmart™ Business Cases of workflow automation in .pdf format:

Innovis has also developed BizSmart SAT which is based on BizSmart™ workflow and Enterprise Application Integration platform and utilizes satellite communication technologies.


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