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Alpha Bank
Alpha Bank, founded in 1879, is the second largest Bank in Greece
innovis clients - Alpha Bank
EFG Eurobank Ergasias
EFG Eurobank Ergasias is the most dynamic Bank in Greece, with a full range of banking products, aimed at individuals, corporations and institutions
innovis clients - EFG Eurobank Ergasias
Emporiki Bank
Emporiki Bank holds a leading position in the area of financial investment services
innovis clients - Emporiki Bank
National Bank of Greece
National Bank of Greece, the oldest and largest among Greek banks, heads the strongest financial group in the country.
innovis clients - National Bank of Greece
ERGOSE S.A. is a subsidiary of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE), formed in 1996 to undertake the management of the Organization’s Investment Programme projects
innovis clients - ERGOSE S.A.
Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs innovis clients - Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Information Society S.A. innovis clients - Information Society S.A.
DEKA - Trikala
DEKA is the Municipal Enterprise are the Economical, Cultural and Social Development of the Municipality of Trikala.
innovis clients - DEKA Trikala
Municipality of Kallithea
Kallithea is one of the biggest municipalities in the district of Attica
innovis clients - Municipality of Kallithea
Municipality of Polichni - Thessaloniki innovis clients - Municipality of Polichni, Thessaloniki
RAPTARHIS - Ministry of Internal Affairs
A programme action introduced by the Hellenic Ministry of Internal Affairs, concerning the electronic collection of legislation, which is made available to civilians, business organizations, entities of the public or private sector.
innovis clients - e-themis, Ministry of Internal Affairs
EKO ABEE is the biggest oil industry in Greece
innovis clients - EKO ABEE
Hera Kokkonis
Hera is active in the area of manufacturing and sales of infant products
innovis clients - Hera Kokkonis S.A.
Janssen Cilag
Janssen-Cilag is one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical companies
innovis clients - Janssen Cilag
Kraft Foods Hellas
One of the biggest food companies internationally
innovis clients - Kraft Foods Hellas
Novartis (Hellas) A.E.B.E., an affiliate of Novartis Group of companies, holds a leading position in the Greek pharmaceuticals market
innovis clients - Novartis Hellas
Titan Cement Company
TITAN Group is an independent multi-regional producer of cement and other related building materials.
innovis clients - Titan
VIVARTIA S.A. is the new company that emerged from the absorption by DELTA Holding of DELTA Dairy S.A., CHIPITA S.A., Goody’s S.A., and General Frozen Foods - Barba Stathis S.A., which formed a Group of leading foods brands, a leader in the foods market
innovis clients - Vivartia
Diageo Hellas
Diageo Hellas is the second largest drinks business in Greece
innovis clients - Diageo Hellas
Nutrimetics is a direct sales company, active in the area of cosmetics
innovis clients - Nutrimetics
Publishing House, member of the Lymperis Group of Companies
innovis clients - LiBECOM
Care Direct
Care Direct is currently one of the top independent Direct Marketing agencies in the Balkan and Middle East territory
innovis clients - Care Direct
Ergon Consulting & Systems
Ergon Group can be best described as a diversified Consulting Group, with expertise and capabilities in Business Development, Marketing, Engineer and Management, offering services to clients from the sectors of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Defense.
innovis clients - Ergon Consulting & Systems
Foss Lightning Design
FOSS has been established in the early 90s creating a new dimension in lighting with priority to the human needs.
innovis clients - Foss Lightning Design
Kallimopoulos - Loukopoulos - Chiotellis Law Firm innovis clients - Kallimopoulos - Loukopoulos - Chiotellis Law Firm
KOUROS - Advertizing Constructions
KOYROS S.A. is a leader in advertising structures for 20 years in Greece
innovis clients - KOUROS
Mednet Greece
Mednet Hellas S.A. is a medical – insurance organization, part of Mednet Group
innovis clients - Mednet Greece
Noisis Internet Services
Advanced Internet services
innovis clients - Noisis Internet Services
PLANET is the largest consulting company in Southeast Europe, established in Greece, providing Management Consulting, Information Technology Consulting, Development Consulting and Project Management Services.
innovis clients - PLANET
Acropolis Holidays
Acropolis Holidays is one of the most reliable organizations in travel and tourism, based in Athens
innovis clients - Acropolis Holidays S.A.
Amphitrion Holidays
AMPHITRION is one of the biggest companies serving the Greek and International travel and hospitality industry
innovis clients - Amphitrion Holidays
Marine Tourism Solutions
Marine Tours is a modern, dynamic, fast-growing travel organization
innovis clients - Marine Tourism Solutions
DataBlue is the Value Add Distributor of IBM Middleware Technologies in Greece
innovis clients - Datablue
Intracom is one of the largest multinational technology groups in Southeast Europe
innovis clients - Intracom
iteam s.a. is a Greek Technology Solutions company
innovis clients - iTEAM
Microsoft Hellas
Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential
innovis clients - Microsoft Hellas
OUTSOURCING S.A. specializes in solutions for business process automation for the financial services industry
innovis clients - Outsourcing
Your Partner
Informatics Systems
innovis clients - Your Partner
Attica Telecom innovis clients - Attica Telecom
Columbia Telecommunications
Columbia Telecom was founded in 1998 aiming at the provision of fixed telephony services.
innovis clients - Columbia Telecommunications
CYTA - Cyprus Telecommunications Authority
Cyta is a semi-government organization. It was established with the aim of providing, maintaining and developing a comprehensive telecommunications service, both nationally and internationally. Cyta is considered to be the leading provider of integrated electronic communications services in Cyprus.
 innovis clients - CYTA
HOL - Hellas on Line
Hellas On Line provides Internet services to home users, small-medium sized companies or larger enterprises
innovis clients - HOL
Net One S.A. provides integrated and contemporary telecommunications services to large enterprises and organizations
innovis clients - NETOne
On Telecoms S.A. has a Nationwide General Telecommunications License and has completed the initial phase of a fully owned metropolitan fibre network in Attica
innovis clients - OnTelecoms
OTE - Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.) is the incumbent telecommunications provider in Greece
innovis clients - OTE
The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of OTE, the leading telecommunications Group in Greece and the Balkans, and has been operational since October 2000.
innovis clients - OTEGlobe
Vivodi Telecommunications
Vivodi Telecommunications S.A. is a dynamically evolving alternative telecommunications provider
innovis clients - Vivodi Telecommunications
Vodafone - Panafon
One of the leading companies in the area of mobile communication
innovis clients - Vodafone - Panafon
ESA - European Space Agency
The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world.
innovis clients - European Space Agency

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