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Based on the extensive experience and skills of its personnel, Innovis S.A. develops custom software applications, focusing on the needs of its customers. These custom software applications already include B2B and B2C e-commerce applications, medical record applications, management information systems, telecom applications, etc.
Innovis S.A. has also developed several websites - tools, which serve companies' promotional or operational needs. These websites include services, such as conference bookings, newsletter distribution, search for products/services in structured electronic catalogs, development and operation of integrated portals for vertical markets, etc.
Innovis S.A. is also involved in the development of advanced e-learning applications for the management and distribution of training material through the web.
Innovis, based on the thorough experience and extended know-how of its people, offers specialized services in the area of business process reengineering and workflow automation. Innovis also provides intelligent IT services on the implementation of electronic systems for the Goal Assessessment / Goal Setting process, as well as on the adoption of a Key Performance Indicator set (KPIs) most appropriate for the measurement of a company's performance.
Last, an important part of Innovis's activities is the continuous research and development (R&D) on innovative technological areas, either through the use of internal resources, or though its participation on research programs, in Greece and abroad.

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