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InfoPort™ is an enterprise software solution for organising information, within an intranet, that a company considers necessary for effective group collaboration. This information includes data that the company’s personnel acquires and/or uses in its every-day business activity. Utilising this information has always been a requirement for an enterprise, which, otherwise, sees part of its investment being lost, when the corporate data are not spread and managed correctly. 


InfoPort™ online enterprise portal is a modular enterprise software solution, with units that cover primary group collaboration needs for a small to medium enterprise or workgroup. Data are stored in its database, reflecting information on customers and co-workers, as well as intra-business data (printed or electronic – books, periodicals, reports, software, etc.).


In InfoPort™ web-based groupware application, data are stored with keywords, so that information is easy to be extracted. Incorporated are functions of messages, management of contacts and meetings, content publishing, management of users, management of common-use objects and spaces (such as portable PCs, projectors, meeting rooms, etc.), which ultimately enhance group collaboration.


A large part of the creative effort in InfoPort™ online enterprise portal has been consumed in the implementation of an easy-to-use environment for the flexible search of corporate information. InfoPort™ web-based groupware application provides the corporate user with the necessary information for every-day operations. Access to this information provided by InfoPort™ enterprise software solution is not limited by time (24 x 7) and/or geographical location

The system core of the enterprise software solution can be enhanced with the incorporation of a number of different modules (contacts, messages, publishing, lending library, etc.), so that each customer can finally implement the version of InfoPort™ online enterprise portal based on his specific needs for group collaboration. 


The system is offered on a company-installed, networked version, with add-on user modules or in an ASP intranet / hosted intranet version for an outsourcing solution.

More information on the ASP intranet / hosted intranet version may be found under http://www.myinfoport.com.


InfoPort™ web-based groupware application: the right information for the right people...


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